“Don't give up what you want to do, even if somebody discourages you by saying you can't, try to think you will just start it a little late. For the delay is just difference in starting point~You are now taking only a short rest and someday you'll reach your destination.”

“Even though the chosen road may not be the best, but since you have made your choice do not change your mind. That is life. If you do your best you might very well get the good result.”

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this is a weird request but can ask how Photoshop looks when you're working on? I have understood that many people change the type of tools that have active depending on the work they are doing. So that's why my question. Thank you.

Hey, do not worry, it does not look like a strange request, hmm but I do not know how to answer. Let’s see, first: this is how right now my workspace looks in photoshop. (click here to enlarge)

And I do not need most of the tools, in fact if I’m not occupying anything or if somehow its bother me I just need to close’em all, because I know every shortcut i have no problem with this.

As you can see there is nothing that you can not re-open, depending on how you work. You can also customize and save different workspaces for time saver if you work in a certain repetitive way (as your own personal taste or convenience). Do not be afraid to close things if you like to work in a more clean or comfortable way (EXAMPLE. If I’m doing gifs obviously i need the timeline tool, but if I’m doing anything else I do not need to keep it open or minimized)

I do not need a special workspace or something, so I can work with whatever. In this case I was drawing, so I did need a little more space (that thing its a 25% size and 100% it’s too big, i need to see what i’m doing u_u) but the same, it’s an insignifcante difference. Like I said, depends on what you feel comfortable with~while you’re working and that is the point of creating or customize your way to work in the program.

Ok, as I said, I do not know exactly what I’m saying, but I hope this serves you and if you are still a little in doubt please do not hesitate to message me. I’ll try to answer it better.

Have a nice day~good night to me.

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4/100 of Changmin


I’mma put you on a back seat


더 원하고있잖아 - Don’t you want more

날 믿잖아 - You trust me

내 느낌으로 딸아와 - Just follow my lead (literally ‘feeling’)