inner instinct;
❝Don’t give up what you want to do, even if somebody discourages you by saying you can’t. Try to think you will just start it a little late. For the delay is just difference in starting point. You are now taking only a short rest, and someday you’ll reach your destination❞
—Jung YunHo, TVXQ!

[spoilers]Three Days ep. o2 → Yoochun 

When I see you, this is how I feel
It feels like something is empty but what’s cool
Is that when I enter and fill you up, it feels perfect
You make me shine and it feels like only good things will happen.

14.04.17 - Kim Jaejoong - ‘트라이앵글’ (TRIANGLE) 



n o w

seems that the week dedicated to TVXQ! (dbskweek) was great, sorry for being unable to participate but this week I had no school and it is my only source to get everything in queue.

Anyway, I hope you do not mind but I will publish it next week but everything will be over but the intention is what that counts, right?

and HELLO, thank you everyone for following and still be here even when i’m so inactive some times.